The Road Not Taken

9:17 PM

I have my ups and downs like many other people.
Even worse when my hormones go crazy with the month, but just bear with it.
I may have negative thoughts when my whole turbulence wave comes but at least they are only thoughts with no action put to it. It's just how I wish to express my hatred and my disagreement to the situation.
I know there's always a silver lining around every fluffy clouds in the world but with my choice, I'd like to choose my own path, and have my own chances.
Other people's failure doesn't mean it'll be the same for me. Maybe the possibilities of falling into the same down pit category is big because it's a majority factor but I believe I am special.
Everyone is special in their own way so am I.
I do not end up like other people out on the streets if I make myself better, if I make that choice and fall on my own.

I get back up.

Let me give it a try, give me a chance.
Don't judge me and try to put others' shadow in my reflection.
I am me, they are them.
Nothing ends the same if you don't let them to.

I believe in myself and as who I've believed in for so many years, I hope you give me some trust too.


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Blessings for the beautiful souls.