If you could have one wish what would you wish for? Acceptance.

5:37 AM

What would you like to see written on your gravestone?
Always loved.

What do you value the most in your life?
People's emotions.

If you were given a time machine to travel backwards in time, what are the three mistakes that you would want to rectify?
That drunken night
The time where I stayed over, because of impulse
The time I slammed the door in her face and went away.

What are the best holidays you have ever had in your life?
The time back at my hometown, because I had her for the holidays to show her the place I grew up at.

If you could be invisible for one hour, where would you go and what you would you do?
Go to her and just watch her. I may sound crazy, but I hope to see her, serene, rub off the crease she makes when she frowns in her sleep..

How do you learn best: by listening, watching, reading or doing?

What are you waiting for?
Waiting for the day I become more deserving.

Do you think people deserve a second chance?

If you had three wishes, what would they be?
Be a better person.
Read minds.
Be stronger.

What do you think is the most enjoyable thing?
Being able to know that you have someone next to you all the time, mentally or physically.

What are the 5 important things you would include in your things-to-do list?
Grow up
Write a novel
Travel with her someday
Have each other again

What question do you often ask yourself?
How to be worth?

What is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen?
That person's smile in her eyes.

What was the first thing on your mind this morning?
The star.

These are some of the questions from my ask.fm page.. Some questions are all the way back from a year ago.

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Blessings for the beautiful souls.