Doraemon's 21 Keys.

5:50 AM

I'm turning twenty one this year and even being invited to a birthday dinner to celebrate a friend's twenty first birthday made me a nervous wreck. Honestly speaking, unless you have a figure of a model or a perfect M sized fixed, the whole jiggly 'fashion-designers-have-no-worries-dressing-themselves', you'd have a problem.

But why not make my own?

I had that thought but then, I had only three days and already one of the three is planned to be spent to look for a gift for the birthday boy. Plus, I guess I'm not the typical shopping kind of girl, I'm the type to curl in bed, grab a book and  hot cocoa and indulge myself away in a dreamy weekend or any given spare time from studies or assignments. When my flatmate decided to go splurge at H&M, I tagged along to hunt for a dress.

 Basic colors were my first choices, I don't wanna get a dress just for the occasion. I rather be able to wear them again after, even just for something casual or presentable presentation.

  (Pictures here are taken during my slimmest month of my entire life, no, no camera tricks or editing.)

Then I went for these two, which became my final two choice. Polar opposites of it being long and demure or short and flirty. (Not that I wanted to flirt but I loved how the blue skirt twirllllll.)

A video to prove it. Ignore the audio though, I forgot what I was saying to my flatmate. 

And this look made me look so mature than I already looked, I hated it. Hahaaha. 

And in the end I ended up buying the one I didn't manage to take a changing-room selfie. Haha. 
A printed poly-cotton dress with a full front zip.

Even without prior discussion, we ended up matchy matchy with the birthday boy (:


Endless burning and melting the cover with a needle so that the keys can hang on the invisible threads.

Color and glitter sprinkled cotton balls as puffy dreamy clouds.

And the jar is covered with a deco piece made of trinkets in shades of blue and white along with Doraemon cups as the birthday boy is a huge fan.

Finishing touches with a gold trimmed velvet ribbon.

I guess when it comes to gifts, the thought and sincerity put into the idea behind the gift is essential. 
And I think it's important that the presenter is satisfied with the gift for the receiver to be able to like it to.

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