Being Back.

4:06 AM

Hey guys, I guess I've been gone for quite some time, I left off at Sya's wedding reception didn't I? I guess I'll just give you guys a quick update on my year so far. (:

It's already almost the end of August, which would've been my graduation showcase but due to some reasons, I wasn't able to graduate. Postponing my invitations to next year okay. Keep the anticipation going.

Pictures are not in order, I'll elaborate more in each post soon


A 21st Birthday celebration for a beloved friend, Haber.
(From left to right: JoAnn, Haber, Yumi and I)

Piknik Gathering with the Fashion People. 
(From left to right, top to bottom: Chelcie, Stephanie, Me, Christina, Greselda, Barbie, Dodo, Kai and Oeston.)

Party Lorong with me Homie.

And I guess at one point I lost so much weight, I got a little scared of myself. LOL

And the hospital stay due to acute gastritis, June.

After three years of being in Penang, I went on a bicycle ride around town. 

A picture of the Artists' Den's residents (former or present)

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Blessings for the beautiful souls.