Long Weekends

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-Edit: This post was typed out in Sept 2016 and it's already the August 2017

This sounds like a long overdue post since the last time I went for a trip with G to Penang was WAY back in 2012 or was it 2013. (See, it has been so long that I don't even remember, but I do remember a draft about it chucked somewhere in midst of all the drafts that I have, which reminds that I need to clean up that too.)

If you've kept up with my post on Instagram, which is mainly the most updated of my ever thinning social life, you'll know that G and I are in a LDR and it hadn't been easy. Absence makes the heart go fonder, that's true but they didn't say that it includes the whole 'Wish you were here when I need a shoulder or a hug' along the lines. It does make me appreciate every single conversation or time I have with her. Of course also when I get to meet her, every single problem seem so far away. This is supposed to a post on the weekend trip I had with her when we met halfway, her from Penang and me driving from KL. To meet in my hometown, Ipoh!

This trip was also another overdue trip that we planned but because we needed an excuse to see each other, we made this happen finally. Haha! Driving all the way down to Penang (straight 4hours drive) is such a pain in the ass, literally. But I trained my endurance, from not being able to drive for 2 hours straight., I made it to 4.5 hours!

Being the festival food freak that I recently admitted myself am, I had this strong urge to make it back to Ipoh on Mooncake Festival, even though I reached home at 11pm but still, an hour before the festival ends. I had my first slice of mooncake when I got home. (: Ah, home.

G drove from Penang the next day and she was just an hour too late, if not we could have grabbed breakfast together. But oh well, who would have thought my parents decided to take the day off and wake me up at 8am to go have breakfast with them. But family time is GOLD. Never gets tired of the aunties and uncles asking which daughter I am, the eldest or the second and ask about my siblings. Quite funny if you ask me.

Back to the main topic, which are mostly pictures but they speak a thousand words for me. I know I can write a gazillion descriptive paragraphs for each picture but I would bore you guys, so, picture time!

Day #1

Had brunch at Sun Yeong Wai, which I haven't been to for almost 10 years.

Got home, rest a bit because I woke up too early and because G  was tired from the driving.

Then we headed out to good ol' Oldtown of Ipoh.
Drove around to find Parking and found a secluded one that only a local would know (I'm not bragging but I'm lucky I worked nearby the parking that I know it existed.) then we walked over to Concubine Lane. So the few listed places are actually places that I owed G the last time she was here and also a few places made famous by the power of THE Social Media. LOL.

Concubine Lane
Kong Heng Square
Tan Kee Klang Bak Kut Teh
Ipoh Kinta Riverfront

It was also my first time playing Pokemon GO and it was only for one night. Hahaha. Thanks love for lending me your phone and making sure I don't get run over by cars.

Day #2

Someone discovered that her so called acidocis a.k.a heaty symptoms turned out to be the sudden spurt of one of her wisdom tooth. So it was a very sad thing but I won't let it spoil our weekend trip. Haha. So we went to:

Qing Xin Ling Cultural Village (which was located 5mins away from my place)
Ipoh Parade
Food at Sushi Zanmai

Very casually called home to ask if they wanted any food but then Daddy said Mummy made food, ergo, we went back and still had dinner, second round! Mummy made prawn!! More like I made it because I got back just in time for the cooking process of the prawns.

Tong Shui Kai (this is the super long overdue place I promised her from years back but didn't get to go because of the timing but now, I am so dragging her there) And got into 'discussion' on Ai Yu Ice and Wan Tao Long. 

Day #3

We both planned to wake up early to drive back but because someone had a slight fever, she woke up a bit later and we packed to depart back to Penang and KL. Just getting into two different cars to go to the same highway made me feel so sad that we're so far apart but it is a learning process and I'll have to give credit that it is letting us learn to grow up. It's not like I like it but it's a good thing. Learning to grow up never gets old.

In conclusion, I feel like I've achieved so much this year:
- I learned to live alone ALL over again (this time in KL)
- I learned to drive around such a city, even though quite dependent on Google Maps, except Bangsar
- I learned to make good use of my money to survive for one month
- I can drive up to such long hours
- I reconnected with some of my old friends
- I have my first goal in life

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