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Hey guys, here's a short throwback for 2015. Looking back, I should spare myself more time to take a break and just enjoy what's around me. Of course to travel even future I need to earn more, save more to play more. 

Penang Times Square, Penang

Yours Truly had her exhibition March 2015, a graduation exhibition that showcased my final project for my Diploma in Fashion Design & Tech. I did a post on photos from the photoshoot for this project here.


And my convocation at the end of the year because we have the ceremony together with the August batch. So, believe me, I wouldn't have that big of a smile on if not because I almost tripped. Yes, I almost did. Knowing what a clumsy person I am, she had to remind me constantly throughout the whole time to be careful and not trip. I guess she jinxed it. But luckily, it was a small trip, I inched one step forward instead of kneeling on the ground in front of the whole hall. Phew. And Datuk held my hand just in time for a congratulatory handshake and photo. Double phew. That smile, says a lot! Hahaha. 


Our second trip together (the first one being the one to Ipoh back in 2012), this time further, to Malacca. It was a  2 days 1 night sort of trip with our replacement holiday from Raya that year (2015). That time I was with a party designer company and also took the opportunity of heading out to KL for a client. We spent one night in KL after the event with the company and then another night at KL with our respective friends before meeting up the next day to take a bus down to Malacca. 

What's fun was how it was mostly walking to get food, and walking back to the hotel to eat more food and all. ;D Nah, the main fun was being with her, walking with her, grunting and complaining all the way because somehow the tired us thought the hotel was further away. But it wasn't when we walked to the market. Oh, did I mention I smartly booked a hotel quite near to both the bus station and as well as Jonker Street! So, yea, like I was saying, I booked the hotel and I was the one complaining. Haha. Such contradiction But it was a happy trip. More more more!

Cameron Highlands

Two months after our Malacca trip, we took a quite impromptu trip up to Cameron Highlands. I don't really remember why but I think mostly it was to release stress as well I was about to change jobs so it was more like a celebration ? I really don't remember. Haha! This time we drove up, where I drove from Penang to Ipoh (my sort of highway where I'm more familiar) and she took over the wheels from Ipoh to Cameron's (because she drove up before). Because we departed quite late, with the rain and construction going on on part of the mountain side, we arrived quite late but the hotel was very nice to let us check in late. 

Lesson learned to not go on Sunday because the biggest tea plantation closes on Mondays. But I'd gladly go again and again. Next time, steamboat and ice kacang in the rain ! Oh, someone gave me flowers when we were at the Lavender Farm. 

Gurney, Penang

Gurney, Penang

And the pictures of Gurney are because I joined the gym (refer to first Gurney picture up there) and that's the view I get every morning while running on the treadmill. So healthy of me but it was mainly because my retail job was just in the mall and it was convenient and I might as well be able to strike of something from my resolution since so many years back. Haha. I'd gladly go to gym here once I've settled everything in terms of my financial management and all because the gym here is more pricey and to need to drive there is quite a hassle. Hmmmm. I'll need to reconsider. Hmmmm.

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