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Hi guys (or whomever is still tuned to my humble blog)

It's been a while since I've been back, I think I owe it to myself to have this little balance in my life to express what have been lingering in my mind but I've found no time or person to tell to or just, not yet.

However, I've relocated to Kuala Lumpur, from one city to another, 3 states now hold a place I call home. But it is still too soon for me to call KL my home, I still consider it a hostel because it has only been, approaching 4 months since I moved here.

Relocating sucks, big time, but it also means exposure. Being exposed to new things, new environment and all that new drill thing. Learning to appreciate everything, I'd say, this is a big step forward in my career and also big step towards a better future.

Being far from home, 2 hours to one, an additional of another 2 more hours to another, makes me realize and yearn for one thing; holidays. I didn't get the privilege of getting weekends and public holidays off during my retail work days but now I do. So I look forward to long weekends, cheap flights or any sort of opportunity to escape the big city and to the vicinity of my loved ones; in 2 different states. Of course, I never forget to enjoy the moment I'm here in KL. ;)

G told me I should consider blogging about fashion, lifestyles and all that. I'm considering..because being able to write, snap and design does not mean I have to blog about fashion, right? And I don't have my personal photographer here for my OOTD shots. Heh.

However, I'll just let the pictures talk, a few of my favorite shots from the time I went on hiatus, to this date.

Pictures from 2nd June 2015 until 24th July 2016.

Concubine Lane, Ipoh

Starbucks Tanjung Tokong, Penang

Setia Sky Residence, Kuala Lumpur

Just realized how the pictures represented the states on its own, Chillax Ipoh, Beachy Penang and City KL.

Straits Quay, Penang

Counting down to 2016 on the deck, by the sea, with champagne and music.

Got new inks, I remember I wrote I'd get my own design on my skin, that watercolor sapphire is drawn by yours truly. 

Church St. Cafe, Penang

Had my first Snow Beer at the age of 22. 

Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur

Gotten my first bouquet of real flowers from love, delivered to the office. 

Ikea, Damansara

Pictures taken with Oppo R1L Camera. 

Okay, fine. I just realized my pictures are all in my hard drive, left at the office. I'll spam more in my next post then. But for more updated news, follow me on Twitter/Snapchat/Instagram : @pennyQi

Hmm, I think I should work on the tabs on my blog with the links to the social medias I'm on. 

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Blessings for the beautiful souls.