7:26 AM

People never thought I could cry.

No one knew I could bawl my eyes out.

Because to them, I am the Penny who has inks and piercings no one dared to approach and I was never the one to fall down and bruise my knees.

Because to them.. I was always the one they could confide in and never break a sweat if the same thing ever happen to me.

Because to them, Penny is a tough girl who only gets mad when she didn't get enough sleep and would protect people she knows no matter what.

Penny is a friend's 'knight in shining armor'.

Penny never has problems.

Penny this.

Penny that.

Even if Penny falls, she gets back up, brushes off the dirt and continues the journey without spilling a tear.


How long can you hold on to this facade?

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Blessings for the beautiful souls.