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Still a little red, taken on the first night I got it.

Since I got my lock tatt, let's talk about Tattoo Aftercare :)

You know, when you sign/fill in the form at the tattoo shop; it means your tattoo artist will not be responsible if anything happens to your tattoo after that, if it gets distorted or the wound go oozy with plasma and then scabssss.

1. Leave the bandage(gauze) alone.
Don't itchy itchy hand go and touch the bandage and peel it off because you don't feel like having a hug giganto bandage. Leave it alone and start showing off after at least three hours! The reason of having the bandage is to prevent bacteria infection.
Tattoo = open-flesh wound.

2. Remove bandage.
Yes, now you can remove the bandage, AFTER THREE HOURS. When it is covered in gauze you need to make sure it is wet before you peel it off or else the skin will peel off together and will cause you terrible pain. So damp it with water before peeling.

3. Wash your tattoo.
After removing the bandage, please wash your tattoo, because it's all blood and dead-skin covered already. Wash it with lukewarm water and normal soap; if can antibacterial soap. When you wash it, your tattoo might feel slick and slippery; it's a kind of plasma. This plasma creates scab. Gently massage your tattoo to clean it, if it does not come off day one, leave it 'til day two, don't rub too hard or else the ink might RUN! Avoid using your loofahs on your tattoo.

Pat dry with towel or blow-dry it, remember not to scratch or WIPE it dry.

4. Ointment & Moisturize!
Apply a very thin layer of ointment on your tattoo, tap it on, don't rub! I repeat, don't rub! And the reason why you want only a thin layer is so that you keep it moist, not drown it with too much ointment and end up getting 'pimples' over your tattoo! The ink will disappear along with the 'pimples'.

You can use what's easy to get; such as Nappy Rash Cream: Bepanthen.
pic source: Google

Get it at any Watsons store near you, or any local pharmacies :) I got mine at Watsons for RM11.80 & after four months, it's not finished yet.

5. Shedding!
No, you don't go shed, the skin on your tattoo does. It will cause itchiness but DON'T EVER GO AND SCRATCH OR PEEL IT! If the skin is peeling off, it means it's healing, so it's good! DON'T SCRATCH IT! If it is itchy, pat it. If it feels dry, put ointment. If it is not dry, it will not itch.

That's all the aftercare you can get from me! Colored tattoos are usually easier to take care off because of the less in contrast with your skin compared to black colored tattoos, like the tribal butterfly of mine. If the color comes out, go get a touch up. Usually touch-ups cost you a 'lil but mine is free. Well, you should touch up sometimes, it gives your tattoo the 3D feel. ;)

Have a nice day people! :)

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