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1:15 AM

It has been a while since I last posted; almost a month. Gotta admit I got lazy this previous month. Something has come to my attention and I think, a post would be proper.

I've gotten it from a recent friend's blog: SIHYEEMC It's in Chinese & I'll have it translated here.














我们永远在伸出双手时, 同时在期望对方可能有所改变




Be thankful to the person who has reached out to aid you.
They don't have the obligations to and responsibility to continue on.

Remember that you may not have the strength to carry on,
see that you have already tried your best.

To those who don't appreciate you,
who is to care about your pains and hardship?

The outcome may not be what you have wished for,
but when you reached out your hand,
you wished nothing in return.

But now, who you've helped, let you down.
But at the very least, you've tried your best on this friend.

Their life, their success;
Is what they must face on their own in the roads to come.
That's when your responsibility stops.

Whenever we reach out to help, in expectations that they would change.
Your helping hand is not as expected, and they don't have to change because of you.
When that happens, and you feel beat up;

How silly.

Sometimes, we put too much confidence in ourselves that others would change as long as we want them to; as long as we support them and tell them to, even for their own good. But this kind of expectation usually leads to disappointment because not everyone has this ability to change a person's view, not every person has this willingness to really change as they think they know themselves the most. Sometimes, those who are close to you are able to tell you truth from the delusional small lies your heart tells your brain.

Open up your mind, take in some opinions. They never hurt.

Change your heart, once you think that the help is enough, do yourself some good and back up a little, don't hurt yourself even if it means it's a sacrifice you're willing to let go off.

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Blessings for the beautiful souls.