Dancing in the Dark & Playing with Fire.

10:27 PM

Friends, this word can mean a lot.

They can destroy you, build you,
cherish you, use you, betray you, accompany you, devastate you, cheer you, leave you or love you.

Occasionally you'll reach out and give them a helping hand. But very rarely they'll repay that debt. It's
not an obligation because you're the one to reach out first, even when unasked.

And all human is the same, of course they'll expect on little repayment, even if it means a lunch treat or something more. This kind of expectation brings to only one outcome, disappointment. Because not everyone notices it when a friend helps them. Of course even when you help someone, you don't go brag on about it 24/7, if you do that, you're not even helping at all, you're only trying to get attention from them.

I remember doing the same thing, I still am. But that's the best you can do for a friend, a person who was a stranger but you came about to care for. Unless they fall, they'll never realize. Unless it has happened, they'll never wake up from the life long dream that they have a friend who'd do anything they ask them to. They'll have this fantasy where friend will forever be there to help them, to aid them, to support them and to cherish them. But, unless you're that blind or that stubborn to open your eyes, you'll never really get the help, the support and their blessings. We are human beings and we get tired too.

Regardless of the outcome, a friend would wish the best for you and never give up on you. Don't let the word give up appear in their mind when they think of you because it's then, they're really tired. They're exhausted and they'll have the lack of motivation to move themselves, they'll end up being engulfed by your problems, instead of their own. Because you've become their problem and people give up on solving problems sometimes and then you'll be abandoned.

Everything in life goes around in cycles, in circles. It's how life can be balanced. It's how you'd know that there's karma and there's faith in moving this friendship. Letting them know may be the best move but that would lead to a few outcomes: 1. They listen to you and change for the better or 2. They go on with their fantasy life style where things always go along their way and never will there be disappointment. 3. They never talk to you again because you're not 'supportive' enough as a friend.

These contradictions tire you, wear you out and depletes your soul.

It's hard to make a choice, I know but if you don't, it benefits neither sides and that time, it'll be too late to regret.

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Blessings for the beautiful souls.