A Thousand Years

4:57 PM

Time passed. Another semester is over for me, even though it's just a very short semester of 8 weeks. I've experienced a lot and learned a lot; but still, there's always room for improvement.

Procrastination is still in my system but I'll try to peel it off of me soon, though slowly, I'm trying.

I realized, with some peace and serenity, I can finish my work faster. Maybe because there's nothing else to worry, only the deadline and there's no other distractions.

I learned a lot about life, that is a lesson that'll take years to master and not even another thousand years would make human beings understand truly.

I'm proud of myself for I have improved but I know I can do better ! I know the spirit in me that can help me strive better. (I know I'm talking like some annoying motivator but oh well, some self hypnotism might work) I'll make my parents proud, I'll make my family proud and prove to everyone, that I, a normal human being who wishes to be happy, can make it through and succeed!

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Blessings for the beautiful souls.