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You can't expect too much from a person can you?

We are all human beings, we all have feelings and we all have our personal times.

You can't expect a friend to always find time for you to hang out with you. A real friend would understand that it's time to really find time for each other. A real friend would understand you need your time and there's seriously no need for each other to meet that often, as long as they know you're doing well. A real friend would never force or say that you've changed because "You never hang out with us anymore."
A real friend would find ways to know who you've been doing without taking too much of your time. A little effort is needed to know, too much would mean that you're too obsessed. A real friend don't mind being distant but still close at heart, knowing that one day you'll find time to update each other.

Have you tried, not speaking for a long time, then telling each other stories of your life back again to your friend makes you remember how special the bond you have for each other and it's really comforting.

It's comforting to know how your real friend would stay, after that long time of silence, then appear to hear you out when it's time. Find a friend like that because a friend's not a diary/blog, you don't need it every second. Find some time for yourself, be independent. They don't owe you anything and you don't too except for the bond you share, where you have things to share.

I rather have that short longing feeling than to have to find topics to talk about every SECOND you meet your friend.

Absence makes the heart fonder.
This applies to friendship too.

I have a friend, who doesn't really matter how many times we've meet each other in four years time and yet we still know we can find each other to talk about things that really matter because sometimes it takes an old friend to remind you that you're you and no matter what happens, they'll be your back up.

A real friend will never mind if you find new friends as long as you let them know they are not forgotten. People change, they have lives too and they need changes. Be supportive and understand them.

Most of the times, those who find you where millions of people can see them (Facebook comments, Twitter,  or any other social medias where privacy isn't really private at all unless in inbox, private messages or text messages, or phone calls) need gossips to feed their craves, not because they want to really know what's been going on in life.

So, be wise. (:

& oh, unless you are their parents or they owe their life to you, you don't necessarily need to do anything for them out of guilt. If they are your real friends, they'd know that you have your reasons to not meet them because the timing's just not right. A real friend would never mind.

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