My Girlfriend

7:37 AM

In a relationship, I have a different attitude. Not that I'm a hypocrite but in a sense that I'm different.

I love to wheedle and cuddle with my girlfriend.
I love to hold her hands and have as much skin contact as possible whenever possible because this keeps me safe. And as silly as it sounds, I feel serene to know that she's beside me, close to me.
I love it when she's pressed against my chest, just lying there, sleeping or napping. It keeps the butterflies calm and my heart beat worth the beats.
I love to whisper in her ears and run my fingers through her hair because it's endearment to me and it's very comforting.
 I love to listen to her voice because her voice is love.
 I love to hear her complain about the very little things in life and can't help but to mesmerize when she speaks of all her plans in the future because her eyes sparkles. I love to dive deep into her chocolaty eyes of hers and be the only one in her eyes.

I love her. 

 I know I've been hurting her a lot because of my ignorance in certain things in life, how selfish and how naive I get some times. I'm really sorry. Though it hurts to cry but it hurts me a million times more to see her eyes, swollen and so mysteriously dark, not the light brown I adore, after a cry.

To know that it was caused by me, is like having a knife stabbed right through my heart.

I hate how I always cry and worry her. How I keep quiet and not answer her questions to my tears. Because they were never caused by her, only because of my delirious thoughts of the nightmare I had, the fear I have, that caused it. Not her. It's unfair how she thinks it's because of her. She's so understanding and thoughtful.

No one is perfect, not me, not her. But it's how we choose to see beyond the imperfections that makes life beautiful and love such a miracle. 

 I appreciate her, I love her, I need her, I want to protect her, I want her forever and I will never ever leave. I love you, my love. I love you, my baby boo. I love you, my bii. I love you, my superman. I love you, my ever gracious love. I love you, my lover. I love you, my girlfriend. I love you, my Lim Wei En. I love you, my Lim Sze Ling. I love you, my G-Nil. I love you, my life.

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Blessings for the beautiful souls.