Anger Management

6:18 AM

I think I have issues. Crazy temper issues.
I get really grumpy or pissy really easily and it's annoying myself, literally,
Have you been annoyed at yourself for being angry all the time?
And when you have PMS; that's why people decide to mess with you, bite 'em bitches. (LOL)
After a talk with my mom and love, I decided, I'll tone my anger down.
I can't get rid of them completely, they are what keeping me grounded and strong.
I'll ignore people with meaningless thoughts, play along with people who play, act with them actors & actresses and do what I'm supposed to do: study!

After tonight; I think I have to dedicate to my family & love a tattoo and one for myself. But of what, I don't know yet. These are a few ideas of placements. 

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Blessings for the beautiful souls.