Who Am I?

8:21 AM

It's already the 13th day of twenty-thirteen yet I haven't produce a good post. But to make up to my procrastination I shall give you my resolution which is also a way to conjure what my feelings were as of the twelve of this month of this year.

I'll make this look like a 2013 Resolution where basically, a resolution is a public confession of your weaknesses and how you wish that in the new year, you can improve them!

1) Be a less worrywart.
2) Practice more moderation.
3) Have more patience.
4) Never ignore an advice.
5) Analyze things before pinning a conclusion to it.
6) Respect people's personal space.
7) Cry less.
8) Blog more.
9) Procrastinate less.
10) Never complain.
11) Remember remember remember.
12) Keep the love strong.
13) Be more creative.
14) Research more.
15) Try the best in every thing.
16) Keep fit & lose more weight.
17) Appreciate my beautiful people.

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Blessings for the beautiful souls.