What Should I Do?

7:18 AM

I am actually, seated here in boo's living room, with my ass frozen and laptop booted to type my post after I re-read my vintage chocolate blog.

I realized how much I used to write and how much I used to express in my blogs.
But lately, I don't have the motivation to even write; because I get distracted, distracted enough I don't really get anything done.

I recently got a 3 week production period shortened to 1 weeks time accompanied by really bad migraine, fever and bad gastric problems. So I had breakdowns where I actually cry and throw tantrums at my things (not people. but my things)

& now, the sudden relief of the assignments and fashion show being over; I feel uncomfortable. So uncomfortable, it does not feel right for me to sleep early. Or maybe it is because I feel insecure, being alone at home, not knowing if the double locks I have at home is enough security to keep me safe at night.

I don' know what I'm babbling about but I think I should stop, it's cold and I feel sad.

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Blessings for the beautiful souls.