Loving this way.

8:05 PM

Opposites attract?

Differences are essential?

I don't think it is impossible for complete opposites to be together; what one half lacks can be filled by the other half. You know, like Mulan II's Yin & Yang?

I noticed, loving this way isn't that bad after all;
Sneaking glances.
Midnight interlaced fingers.
Speaking in abstract.
Random cheekiness.

The only thing I miss is the random thoughts texts.
Maybe because there isn't nothing to ask of as we are always side by side.

I thought the spark has dimmed but from time to time; I feel it; a spark where when I see that smile, my heart smiles because that is one good smile and it is for me.

What is in the future, it is not ours to see but to fight for.

We should not lose ourselves, no matter the circumstances. Even when you are half of something; you are still you. There's no doubt to that and no one is to tell you that you don't deserve things you've fought so hard for.

Easy and carefree, can it be like this or is it a must that these two elements cannot exist in love?

Can I have this recipe to create love?
Maybe along the way there are bumps, because smooth sailing isn't 100% guaranteed in anything in life.

This isn't a promise, but something I wanna say. It's something about giving and taking; will you give me what I want to take and I give you what you want to take as well?

It isn't easy, loving this way.

But I want it and I want to. I want to have this because being part of your life isn't that bad after all.

I want, you..

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Blessings for the beautiful souls.