1:14 AM

It was Wesak Day and since there's no school I had the car to myself. And because the girls wanted to meet up for one last time before everyone leaves, I drove to SSI. Upon reaching, I saw a parade of cars ! Loads of Kancil's and one Saga, to be specific, were parked in front of Chucky's house. I thought her entire family came to send her off before she's leaving that Thursday; Seri Iskandar man. Turned out, every one present came with their own car ! HAHA !

We talked, screamed (most of the time at Faie), jumped, laughed, posed for photos, deleted a lot of photos and then hugged ! (':

We may not share the same interest in most of the things but there's one thing I'm sure we do; how we feel lucky that we have each other; no matter how far or apart we all are and will be.

Please be safe and do your best ! You'll fall some times, even when I'm not there, or one of us isn't, know that we're supporting you undyingly. Like how all those 'undying love' shizz. I love you guys, so so much. I'm one less lonely Chinese girl with you guys.

HAHA! These two songs will most probably annoy the heck out of you but well, I find them too cute ! Keke !

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Blessings for the beautiful souls.