Drawing lines.

2:01 AM

WARNING: Might be confusing. Ah, forget that, IT IS CONFUSING.

You know, sometimes, you don't like how people go straight to you and say it in your face that you're being a bitch ( OR a bastard if you're a guy, I'm being general here ) But you have to admit that; it does you good after, you know, like a few seconds depending how fast you can reflect and process everything in your brain.

Here's this; I won't be pin-pointing what or when or who this is about, you should know better(those involved or those interested to know the truth you do not wish to admit; you stubborn asses!) but I realized this today; 11th June 2011. And I'm grateful this stubborn ass (me) finally decided to admit this; I am cool with honesty. I will accept the truth, in anything, I'll try to.

Sometimes, maybe all the times, you just seem to fail to notice that you're doing something that pisses/offends someone else off (except when you're doing it for purpose; then it's a totally different thing) and that person is just too nice or to quiet about it. To you, it may be nothing and totally mundane, an easy usual thing that slips off your mind, but to someone who notices; it's equivalent to pushing them off the bus seat they've been waiting for for like, ten long minutes ! (Imagine Malaysian weather, ten minutes is like then freaking years !)

But after a while you'll notice that something's irking that friend of yours but you keep quiet, not wanting to admit the fact. Then, late night, wishing your friend would post something about it on Facebook or Tumblr or Twitter, letting you know that what you felt was right and you did act like an idiot, some bitch/bastard. Then you'll regret and try to change, still pretending you did not see the post/status, and when things turn worse because you did not say a thing; you regret more and become depressed for a whole night; not being able to sleep or do anything right. Like your one and only pet just died. That kind of feeling.

This is when you should thank the creation of all the almighty social networks and how you're grateful you have frank friends.

Pretentious people; why 90% of us people are like that ?

Well, no one's perfect; that's what makes the world balance and perfect. (Yes, I do make sense here if you read properly, if you don't see the sense in this; come back later to re-read this when you're feeling the same feel I'm feeling.)

I'm not going to conclude this because it's a never ending debate with what your heart and mind have to say. These two take turns to win a debate; but what leads on after the victory of it is never known.

I know we're not the best of friends, we don't share every little secret with each other or share much in common but sometimes, it takes someone who isn't your best friend to let you know things like these. All best friends should start learning this. If your best friend hates your guts for being honest, screw them; it'll slowly hit them right in the face that you're right and they're being naive and you're right and have been the best thing ever to have.

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  1. SO TRUE! yet, best friends should be able to tell such things to each other no matter what, we need to realize due to our bond and closeness, we can take the rick of being a lil too straight forward in hopes that the person will understand that you only dare to say this because you're close enough. we all need to mend a change a lil portion of ourselves everyday but we can only understand and learn from it, only (like you said), if we ADMIT IT!


Blessings for the beautiful souls.