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1:15 AM

Hey all ~!

I think I've switched to this URL instead of my really amazing named 'old' URL : vintagechocolate. But I refuse to have a chatbox here because it will only get congested with spams ! Ah, how I reminisce the old fashioned blogwalkers who are REAL human being instead of some spam-ad.

Back to myself, I don't think I have the time to post daily. If I really do, then it'll all be of work and coming off work tired and of waking up late again and again every single day. I don't think any of you want that. I'll just pop-in time by time to update you guys about my life and when anything special or post-worthy happens ! :O

Q & A :

1. What are you doing now ?
Still working, but heading of to college soon.

2. Where are you going to ?

3. Oh, what college?
Equator Academy of Art and Design.

4. What course are you taking?
Fashion design, like, duh. Lol.

5. When are you starting?
August 8th.

That's me at home, hogging Jaycee's computer to 'draw'.

Currently, I'm cracking and brainstorming so effin' badly to draw something because I need to prepare a three-paged art folio when I register at EAA. It's not THAT hard but when you get pressured from minute to minute and second to second, you just want to die. First thing I get when I wake up is not a 'good morning' but a 'did you start drawing already?'.

That. Is. Pure. Frustration.

But I'll try my best not to die and finish drawing it and survive college.

Anddddd also keep in touch with everyone, I'll try.

Some STD for you ! HAHA ! That's Song of The Day for you !

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