Two in One.

10:47 AM

A post ! ;)

Quit my job at Brewster's and started to really pay attention to my drawings. The drawings took me two nights, two sleepless nights. Mommy said we're going to Penang on Tuesday so it was extra rush hour ! On Tuesday morning itself, I slept only at 4am, because suddenly, I felt like adding another sketch art;
This took three hours to four, it's not perfect but Mom likes it :) I'll fix her eyes later but meh. Guess who's she !?

And then it's the Gaga !

The trip to Penang was fun, lots of bumpy roads, small alleyways and tons of culture splash everywhere. I have a feeling I'm going to like Penang. We went with Mommy's friend and her son who will also be going to the same college and he's going to be my housemate ! I still have to find out his name though ! Eep.

I handed in the application form ! Finally ! And it's such a relief but what ticked me was the fact that the drawings weren't needed until the first day of class. Poor eyes of mine and my tired little soul. Mommy became honest though ! She didn't like the rose picture I did, and told me to redo it ! Haha !

APARTMENT ! After going everywhere and calling numbers after numbers, we found one at Jelutong ! Thanks to Mark(who's Daddy's friend). He was kind enough to guide us to apartments after apartments. Now we're waiting to hear from the agent, if everything goes smooth, will be moving in on the first ! :) Roti Bakar at Jalan Perak, familiar much ? It's just a street across of Sarv's apartment !SO, let's keep ALL our fingers crossed ! (:


Hehe, woke up to send Kitson to school and pick up Jaycee. After that drove us to RPS to take the Canon 1000D, needed it to take picture for the drawings. Since we had the camera: camwhore bitches !! :D

Headed over to Tutti Frutti :) Mine was all little pretty flower marshmallows on passion fruit fro-yo and vanilla. Jaycee's were chocolate and the original fro-yo.

Then I got bored while waiting for Jaycee to pick up our lunch @Taman Ipoh Jaya. The car needs some big time cleaning I tell ya. Hees.
When we got home, Jaycee HAD to share with us her 'fragrance' of the day. Oh, wonderful.

& I ended the day with one hell of an amazing photo ! :D

I'm so proud I made it this way of this post ! I'm so tired I can't feel my toes ! D: So that's all for today, I'll keep posting when I get there ! Which reminds me I need to get some broadband going on fast so that I won't lose touch with the Internet once I get to Penang ! Any recommendations ?

Peace out !
Okay guys, start guessing who's the celebrity I drew ?

STD: The cutest song after Plain White T's '1234'

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