Glass Slippers.

5:47 AM

So that day I went shoe-shopping with Kelly and I told her about my severely cracked heels. It was BAD. Serious, so bad that they're peeling off and they bleed. I found the perfect solution. Actually I bought these two products(which I'll get too shortly) months ago, when the problem started, but I never had the time. Now that I'm obsessed with getting my heels all healed, I started using them. The first one is;

Scholl Contoured Hard Skin File
1. Scholl's Contoured Hard Skin File
(Watsons/Scholl Stores)

Directions: Ensure feet are clean and dry. Use the inside curve for heels, end of toes, knees and elbows. The outside of the curve is specially designed to remove hard skin on the ball of foot. For best results finish with Scholl's Deep Moisturising Cream.

It is washable, so don't you worry. (:

2. Scholl Deep Moisturising Cream.
(Watsons/Scholl Stores)
Directions: Smooth onto feet and massage in until fully absorbed. For best results, use 2-3 times a week, to remove, rough dry skin.

This isn't sticky or oily so it's nice to use. (:

Results can be seen just in TWO DAYS ! I'm not kidding ! It's amazing ! Now the cracks can barely be seen and I'm one satisfied person.

And oh, I bought two pair of shoes ! Hehe. Allllright !

Let's talk about school.
I'm leaving soon, this Thursday to be exact! ):

I'll miss Mommy because she's my Mommy and she's always annoying me with her constant ridiculous complaints and also how she calls me when there's Super Junior or any of my idols on TV. Then we'll spazz together ! X)

I'll miss Daddy because he's Daddy and he's always kicking me out of the house to do the driving around and also bugging me about computer stuff but then will randomly start talking rubbish to make us all laugh! XD

I'll miss Jaycee because she's one constant pestering butt-face! She then threatens me to do something, in exchange of some other things. She's evil, she's realllllly evil.

I'll miss Kitson because he constantly ignores me, which makes me want to irritate him! Then just now, while driving him home, I told him to be good; I have eyes and ears around Ipoh!

If I have to go on telling how I'll miss this and that, the whole internet space will explode. D:

Let's picture spam with some pictures.

After hours of burning sun, we went to the mall to get things and eat !

Today's STD:
Not really a song but this comeback is what I'm waiting for ! They'll have their official comeback on Music Bank on Friday, the day where I won't have myself Astro or KBS World !

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