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11:43 AM

In case I have been MIA for a little too long & still have no idea what I'm talking about; College started ! Equator Academy of Arts and Design is my college and CS1 B 118 is my class. Made new friends and the experience is new, duh.

Handed this up along with the two pieces: Lady Gaga & Britney Spears.
With this, as the reference:
I know she don't look like how she's supposed to look like but, here's Hilary Duff for you`!

Living far away from family is another new experience but I'm slowly getting used to it.


Walking to the bus stop is one thing, waiting for the correct bus is another thing and hopping off of the bus at the correct stop is ONE WHOLE DIFFERENT STORY !

All I have to say is; college is...being friendly to this lonely soul. ;)

This is our small little homework for Drawing I class. (Lecturer: Vincent) Couldn't finish our little work so we had to snap a picture of it and continue at home.

I have 6 subjects total this semester and they're fun partly because of my new friends ! ♥

We had our little field trips to the Amoy Lane campus(Jing Lin as our driver), to Nanyang Bookstore( Zhi Hao as our guide, to get lunch(unanimous decision), to price comparing at Gurney (with our monitor: Jack Jack)

We're still getting to know each other, so you'll get to know more too, soon. (:

Baby Penny got home after Friday class and I've got to say; I don't mind driving my siblings to school everyday as long as I get to stay home. ):

Go RED baby ?! (;

I promise to give you guys a better post soon to really CLEAR OFF the webs here. *dusts corner*

STD: Heard this on RedFM when I was driving today; it reminds me of Deq'a, whose hands were so itchy she decided to save all different English stations of the SLK(Small Little Kancil, excuse me) and it's obvious Red is her favorite. (;

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Blessings for the beautiful souls.