Fire Floating in the Middle of the Sea.

11:32 PM

Last night was another surprise plan from Derrick- to visit Nathaniel "Uncle" since he was injured from a motorcycle accident. Dha joined us this time! :)

First stop; McDonalds @Green Lane to meet up with Lorenzo and because we were starving. Then well, let's just say any car ride with Derrick is entertaining. Especially when after we met up with Lorenzo; the endless 'lala zai' teasing/bickering with the two. Oh well. LOL.

Sydney @McDonalds, Green Lane.

We kept calling and forcing Uncle to stay awake because it was near midnight already and we're already on our way. Headed over to Batu Ferringhi and turned out Lorenzo brought us very near to where Uncle's apartment was. Then we attacked Uncle and saw his parents and it was darts playing.

Then we played with fire. Like literally! I'll post the pictures up soon. We hung out at Kaleel Restaurant before suddenly deciding to head over to the beach. The beach beside Golden Sand Resort's.

D, L and I were wet and 'sandy'.

Sydney's asleep at the back of the car.
Derrick's hungry for someone to talk to while driving.
Dha's cursing most probably about the house Aunty.
I'm hugging Smurfette while trying not to fall asleep.
Lorenzo's probably trying his fuckin' best to clear the sand off of himself.
I'm definitely sure that Uncle's sleeping with a smile on his face. (:

I'm too lazy to elaborate, as long as I remember what happened, that'd be enough. Pictures will explain more okay ;)

Pictures from the OXO night.
The gang. :)

Derrick and Jack Jack

Candid by Derrick ! --

Lorenzo & Lucas.

Ignore my 'tarded face; Lorenzo and Derrick.

STD: Favorite disc in Derrick's car.

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