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Gurney Drive Beach
September 1
When family came :) We went to Gurney Drive to eat and then Daddy and Jaycee became kids all over again, playing and laughing around ;')

Kitson (:

Amoy Lane Campus
September 3
Yumi, Oeston, XueLing's WATCH, Sydney !

Kheng Tian Apartment
September 4
Let the war begin ! This is where the battle to survive assignments began!

The mess of homework. Gosh.
In the middle, I got sick and then had one hell of the longest 3 hour nap I've ever experienced.

Kek Lok Si Temple
September 8
After Mac Tan's Photography outing at Kek Lok Si, we headed to Times Square to eat lunch.

Ricardo's Printmaking Class
September 9
I named it Metamorphosis.
I wanted so badly to go home but then couldn't.

September 12
Mooncake Festival celebration.
Derrick @McDonalds, Gurney.

Yumi & 0.8% of Oeston.

Trip to school; I just had to camwhore. Look at what a few days of no sleep did to my eyes.
And I made several drunk-dialing the night before, calling in total 3 people; whom I'm happy I called. It was one nice drunk-dialing. Haha.

Roti Bakar Kopitiam, Jelutong
September 13
Derrick came over also and this time surprised all of us with a very interesting dinner experience.

Gurney Plaza
September 14
Tagged along during BM class just so that we can get a ride to watch Nasi Lemak 2.0 ! XD Phang's car at the back. This picture isn't edited; I got the effect from blocking half the camera's flash with the red cover.

Then we got over to Coffee Island before heading home. We saw Greselda there and she gave us some nice cold beer. (:

September 15
We had an outing for Photography class and it was at Chowrasta Market. After that we had time so we went to 1st Avenue's Magic Kitchen to have lunch/brunch.

Then headed over to Burmahtel w/ Derrick to kidnap Sydney over to my place so that I don't have to sleep alone. :)

Taman Kheng Tian Apartment
September 16

Derrick and Lorenzo came around 2am to finish the remaining Black Label.
It was one hell of a good night though Derrick just had to scare me while we were on our way up passing through the alley way. Ish.
But it was one good night.


Here's something I need to tell here.
Not everyone's perfect, if you are then you wouldn't find the need to even have to read this, blog-walking or even randomly browsing through the Internet.

♋: I know someone, who is selflessly selfless. He wants for only us to be happy but he often neglects his own happiness. This is just ridiculous, I don't understand. He thinks to much about things he do not need to think about. He does not have this saying in mind; 'Enjoy life to the fullest with the simplest things' & 'Don't worry be happy' He's often confused of himself, not knowing how to look things OUTSIDE the box or of a BIGGER picture. He may seem like the cocky one who knows a lot but he does not understand what his heart wants. I wish him well. The Libran me, will try to guide him back to the right path even if it means...

♑: This is about another person I know. Just go with it; do things your heart tell you to. Even if it means hurting yourself, you'll never grow/know if you don't try. You're one strong person. You know very well what you want but you need the confidence to just do it. You don't have to care sooo much what others tell you on what you should do because deep inside, you know. All good things do come to an end but : after rain comes the rainbow. Love you kid, do the best in life and even if you fall, you have me, I'll be there for you. You have me and your 'dad'. ;)

STD: This is for the two of you. Never could have found a better song :)

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Blessings for the beautiful souls.