9:34 PM

Pictures from Sin Then's 17th Birthday celebration ;)

Semester break just started and it means a semester has ended. Time flies. All my assignments got done just right on time, I've learnt my lesson and shall review on that during this break, that's also if I'll see them the next semester. There has been a little problem but I keep my fingers crossed that everything will turn out right and I can continue.

I'll keep count of the 4 weeks break I have in my hands and make use of everyday. ;)

For Sydney's birthday; Oeston, Derrick, CK & I bought ice cream to sub a cake and used a lighter to sub a candle for her. We switched off the lights and sang for her. Hope she liked it and she'll remember it for the rest of her life (: A lighter-candled ice cream-cake!

I promise myself here I will finish all my assignments and spare myself at least one day to sleep the whole day without worries before the deadline. Stop the procrastinating which reminds me that my Drawing 1 lecturer told me that I should go get a boyfriend. == Super LOL I suppose. Because getting a boyfriend could supposedly help me focus more. Like okaaayyyy. That was awkward.

I think I should stop here and before I go, I'd like to pray for my friend, a good friend, Jing Lin, as her mother left the world to go to a better place. May she R.I.P. and her family stay strong.

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Blessings for the beautiful souls.