Crossed Paths

8:56 AM

I've come across so many new people, acquaintances, friends, housemates, roommates, classmates, coursemates; angel without wings.

There are a few I find that, really really, it was fate.

One was a year ago if I'm not mistaken, or two years. Christmas; I sent a very somber text message to someone but ended up sending it to someone else. The text was really personal and emotional, and I sent it to a total stranger. He replied with something that said I got the wrong number and I should chill, some sort of consoling words and that's how I met him. This 'mean' friend who constantly cheers me up when I least expect him to. ;)

So, in life, you meet people along the way. Some you dislike, some you like, some you admire, some you adore, some you stalk and some you bitch about but admit it, they teach you a lot, even the bitchiest one. Move on, heed not unwanted troubles and solve your current knot in life. Then move on... make tomorrow a better day to look forward to. (:

I've been busy with my part time job at Mico Collection at Pragin Mall/Komtar (because I go from here to there constantly) but as I'd mentioned before, my Twitter timeline constantly runs so does my Facebook, so check out there.

STD: The melody is a killer. For you guys out there to relax your mind and love for a thousand years. Like a friend of mine said: A day when we are together means a year. So, it's absolutely possible to love someone for a thousand 'years' :)

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Blessings for the beautiful souls.