For the New Year.

5:05 AM

Happy New Year guys !

Start checking your list of resolution for 2012 or just continue with those from previous years. LOL. I know I haven't written mine yet because I'm ever too lazy or too un-determined to complete the very repeatedly top resolution for almost every year: PROCRASTINATING.

When I ditch that habit of procrastinating I will WRITE.THAT.LIST. Haha !

I'd just like to say here, 2011 was a year where I'd learned a lot;

There are many types of people out there, good or bad, bitchy or very bitchy. Just beware, don't fall into their traps.Even if you do fall, climb back up and slap that bitch with something she/he doesn't have: dignity. ;) Sometimes, all you need is yourself. If someone's a bitch, you don't need to be one too. Be yourself, love yourself, distant yourself away from them.

No one will stay forever the same, so cherish the moments you have together, because when you depart into your own ways, the person will change and then you'll regret not enjoying your moments together. Let yourself be free, enjoy every moment, even for just a few seconds because you'll remember it forever if it's worth something to you.

Respect has to be earned, karma's around the corner and he won't be gentle to people who does bad. I should most probably care less and let karma do its job. If someone doesn't respect you, ignore them, they're just as worthless and they do not deserve your single attention; either in rage or sympathy.

Every one is selfish, one way or another. Don't be pretentious and all goody two shoes. The weird feeling you get when you see your best friend, friend, colleague or just anyone you're close to, become nice to another person besides you. That's called mild-possessiveness. We all have issues, so just deal with it.

Try not to hate that much, you're only wasting your own energy putting other people's fault onto yourself. Spread out the love and disperse the hate. Find your own inner peace, like Master Shifu says. (:

Parents and family are the only people who would except you for who you are and still do even when you're no longer yourself or the daughter/sister/son/brother they think you are. Never deny that, no matter how far you are, you are in your family's thoughts. The worry about you every single second and they always would like to hear your voice even just for a minute. Call back, tell them you're safe.

Oh, the last but not the least.

Smiling from the inside brings the real you out, so don't hide that pretty smile and smile only when you want to. No one has the right to hurt you and force a smile out of you when you don't want to. Even when it means making them happy. If it is difficult for you to smile, try pleasing yourself instead of them. You are you and you only have yourself.

Yeah, so I'll end my first 2012 post with a song and pictures of me from every month of last year, just for the sake of seeing transformations I've been through. ;)

JAN/FEB 2o11

Gettin' my driver's license :)




Dyed my hair red :O



Gotten myself some new bangs :P


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Blessings for the beautiful souls.