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I know this girl from work, back at Brewster's. She 'manja's (wheedle?) with Chef and does all these little acts and it makes him smile. Once, she sulked because Chef was teasing her and she refused to talk to him or any of the kitchen staff. But then Chef tried to make her smile again by cooking something for her. He did and it made her smile and felt all warm inside. But because of her childish ego, she took a marker pen and wrote on her palm, 'TQ CHEF & SORRY'. Then she went over to the serving counter and showed her palm to Chef. He got all happy again and things went as usual.

To look back again, it seemed so childish but I find it cute and naive at the same time; just as if she was a four year old. Sometimes, these small little acts can remind you how life can be so beautiful and worry free. The saying ' A smile for a smile. ' trades to be true.

And that waitress, was me. (:
This is the picture, where you can see they were writings on my palm.
I didn't know I had those 'cute' acts up on my sleeves. I guess, it really does make you happy when you can make someone smile.

Some pictures from where I was at Brewster's.

Soup of the Day: Smile. :)
I was on kitchen duty and I wrote this on Cream of Broccoli soup with cream. It made the customer smile from ear to ear, like the soup.

STD: Take a few minutes off and listen to this, find your inner peace and smile from within. I promise, it does make you feel better. :)

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Blessings for the beautiful souls.