Lessons Learned.

5:05 AM

So, something in my head went haywire and I confessed to my mom. I told my mom about it and her initial conclusion was (if I assume correctly) to remove it instantly, scrape off my skin or whatever. But the next morning, it was as if nothing had happened. Behind all these insanity strikes, I'm glad it happened. I'm glad I had the sudden moment of bravery to blurt it out. Of course, I was bummed but I feel much better now.

Sometimes, you wonder why people have to act so know-it-all ? There are two answers to that: one; people are too ignorant of what others think around them, or that the world does not evolve around them only, OR, two; self protection from their own ignorance. In conclusion, people do not want to get hurt and choose to hurt others before they get hurt. And hence, being the same, DEEP INSIDE, we tend to get confused sometimes, but all we've gotta realize is that, people have their different ways of protecting themselves, eg: ignorant, hurtful, bitchy, cocky, pretentious, and not that every one can accept the way the others are acting.

Life has given us choices & chances but we, don't deny this, aim for the other 'C's, cash, credit, car = LUXURY. Sometimes, all you need is that leap of faith, that moment where you have Confidence in what you heart is thinking and go for it. If it's bad news, learn from it, take it as a lesson. It it's good news, appreciate it. Don't take things for granted. Don't take what life has given us; Choices & Chances. Pick a sweet, the toothache may be worth it, if not go find a dentist.

Disappointment comes from great expectations but without expectations, comes regrets. So yeah, life's a bitch, gives us dilemma. But, if you fall, pick yourself up and show them you're strong. It takes a strong person to realize the worst side of life. Light up that fire in yourself and keep on moving.

"A person who has experienced more is graded below a person who has heard more from people with experiences." So I was told and it's true. Because it's like you can see beforehand the consequences, the possibilities. With that you can avoid hitting right on into the matter. But sometimes, it's okay to 'trial and error'. Just don't be too overboard and there's nothing to boast about being experienced in everything, not everything is worth showing off of, like; stepping on shit, or something likewise.

I hope there's really a remote control in life, to 'pause' life and give yourself some time to think.

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Blessings for the beautiful souls.